Devine and Associates were appointed to design, supply and install a gas utilisation scheme for power generation from this 10 hectare non-engineered landfill site.

Client: Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

When: Started December 2009. Commissioned July 2010.

39 Gas Extraction Wells.
Well Depth 6m to 20m
3.1km piping, 63mm to 180mm diameter
Pumped Condensate System
250kWe Power Generator

Our Role

Planning Phase
A planning application was prepared and submitted by Devine and Associates for capping and restoration of the landfill site which included gas extraction, collection and utilisation in a 250kWe landfill gas power generation plant.

Design Phase
Devine and Associates developed a cost effective gas utilisation scheme with additional measures to reduce potential for offsite mitigation as residential housing is located in close proximity to the site boundary. This included well and piping layouts, condensate removal system, plant layout, electrical grid connection design and all civil engineering design.

Construction Phase
Stage 1: Drilling of wells, installation of gas extraction pipe work within the cap and reconnection to an existing gas flare, commissioning and balancing of site in preparation of power generation.

Stage 2: Surcharging of ground, installation of reinforced concrete plinth, power generator, electrical grid connection and reconnection to existing flare. Devine and Associates commissioned, operates, maintains and manages the site.

Stage 3: Devine and Associates supplied and installed power generation equipment which was connected to the landfill gas pipe work. Commissioning and load testing of the equipment was undertaken including electrical protection and G59 testing. Devine and Associates continue to manage, operate and maintain the project selling the electricity and the ROC (ROC’s) . The project has been operating successfully since commissioning was completed in 2010.

Construction Quality Assurance (CQA)
Devine and Associates prepared the CQA plan, provided construction supervision and quality assurance, and prepared the CQA validation report on completion for the NIEA.

Project Management
The company provided overall project management, including Health and Safety, conforming with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, pre-accreditation of power generation plant for ROC’s and contractual agreements for supply of electricity and ROC’s.